The insurance industry is a growth market, for which we have created a dedicated market segment, and is also an important source of investment income for the company.
As the second oldest industry in the history of the world, the insurance industry has always been favored by many investment legends. Warren Buffett's first investment profit (1951) came from insurance stocks, and he subsequently published the article "My Favorite Stocks" to express his love for insurance stocks. Insurance stocks also became the code for Buffett's lifetime wealth.
Insurance as a financial instrument and troika is an extremely important part of banking, securities and insurance.
Insurance both risk protection, consumer goods, asset allocation and other multiple attribute characteristics, is the logic that supports the long-term development of the insurance industry.
Odyssey's insurance investment business is based on the principle of asset-liability matching, promoting the realization of professional, standardized and market-oriented operation of alternative investment of insurance funds.
The company has already docked with a number of large insurance institutions and is actively carrying out third-party asset management business to contribute long-term and stable investment returns to investors.
More than half of the company is made up of executives with more than 10 years of experience in the financial industry, who are not only well versed in traditional finance, but also in digital finance!
With professional knowledge, information, skills and experience as resources, we deeply grasp the development trend of capital market from the perspective of compliance, advancement and applicability, and provide the most accurate market analysis results and product portfolio system!

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