Technical Consulting
We provide in-depth insight into global strategic directions and provide specialized advisory services to our clients to help them transform their investment strategies.
Odyssey's consulting services include credit investigation, investment consulting, financial consulting, financial management consulting, and business intelligence investigation.
Credit Investigation
Investment Consulting
Financial Management Consulting
Business Survey
Financial Consulting
The company is entrusted by the customer to investigate and understand the creditworthiness of its designated business partners to decide whether to develop business relationships with them; or the customer entrusts the company to conduct an investigation to prove its own creditworthiness to its business partners.
It refers to the business that the company accepts the client's commission to conduct feasibility investigation and research on the investment project designated by the client, and then selects the best investment plan for the client and assists in the formulation of the investment contract and its related documents. Investment consulting includes studying the rationality of the investment project, the degree of influence of technical, legal and political factors on the investment project, the market prospect of the investment project products, the rate of return on investment, the payback period, etc.
This means that the company is commissioned by the company to go deep into the company and use scientific methods to analyze and study the problems in its financial management, find out the causes, and provide the best solution to the management problems.
It is an activity in which the company is commissioned by the client to investigate the global market dynamics related to the investment project, as well as the prices of trade goods, trade policy decrees and practices in various countries and regions.
It means that the company accepts the client's commission to provide consulting business about financial policies, regulations and other aspects. The main business contents include: understanding the relevant national financial regulations, policies and systems, being entrusted to analyze and forecast the trend and dynamics of certain foreign currency interest rate changes, understanding the development of the global financial market, introducing the basic theory and operation methods of new business in the financial field, etc.
More than half of the company is made up of executives with more than 10 years of experience in the financial industry, who are not only well versed in traditional finance, but also in digital finance!
With professional knowledge, information, skills and experience as resources, we deeply grasp the development trend of capital market from the perspective of compliance, advancement and applicability, and provide the most accurate market analysis results and product portfolio system!

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