Investment Portfolio
We provide our clients with a diversified portfolio of investments to protect maximum returns with minimal risk.
Based on its own characteristics and investment philosophy, Odyssey closely follows the research and practice of academia and industry, widely draws on the experience of international outstanding investment institutions, and combines its own proprietary technology research and development portfolio, gradually forming a set of its own unique advantages of investment allocation management structure.
Reference Portfolio
Simulation portfolio with company's proprietary technology
Actual revenue and managed portfolio
Anchor the neutral risk level of the portfolio Composed of various products such as stock index + futures index + forex + virtual currency
Enhance the level of return and risk diversification based on the quantitative trading and data analysis technology of our own platform Dynamic allocation adjustment to further optimize return and risk characteristics, reflecting the best asset allocation effect
Calculate portfolio exposure management to ensure effective portfolio landing Capture excess returns through active management by the investment team
More than half of the company is made up of executives with more than 10 years of experience in the financial industry, who are not only well versed in traditional finance, but also in digital finance!
With professional knowledge, information, skills and experience as resources, we deeply grasp the development trend of capital market from the perspective of compliance, advancement and applicability, and provide the most accurate market analysis results and product portfolio system!

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