Introducing a decentralized supervision solution with blockchain technology, strengthening the management of information and network security, and reinforcing the capital control solution for investors' investment accounts.
Capital Risk Management
We strictly abide by the laws and regulations of the countries or regions where we invest, respect local social conditions and public opinion, disclose information in compliance with the law, strengthen the study and prompting of reputation risks, and strive to build the image of a responsible social citizen and a respected partner through practical actions.
Reputation and Compliance Risk Management
Financial Risk Management
Investment security is of paramount importance and our professional risk management team is committed to reducing investment risk.
Market Risk Management
Continuously improve the total portfolio risk budgeting framework and adjust the indicators related to broad asset class risk guidelines in a timely manner to ensure the adaptability of risk budgets at all levels; study and improve the threshold yield methodology and conduct forward-looking research on risk analysis, Libor exit, inflation and the impact of Fed monetary normalization and private equity fund leverage usage.
Credit Risk Management
We have implemented the necessary security policies, rules and technical measures to strictly manage and protect the personal information you provide to us from unauthorized access, improper use or disclosure, unauthorized modification, unlawful destruction or accidental loss.
Internal Control and Operational Risk Management
Strengthen the construction of investment system in key areas, enhance compliance requirements and learning; improve the internal authorization and management mechanism to improve the quality and efficiency of operational decisions; improve the investment manager responsibility system to better guide and motivate investment managers to perform their duties and responsibilities; and refine the management of operational risks.
In the face of the upward shaking market environment of risk assets and overall pressure on safety assets, the Company will further strengthen the policy guidance on risk management, effectively enhance the awareness of risk prevention and management level, and effectively ensure the sound operation of foreign investment business.

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