Investment Principles
Our development goal is to build a large international investment institution and service provider that is sound, professional, responsible and reputable, with investment activities adhering to the following basic principles:
Investment activities are based on business purposes, and the investment objective is to maximize the investor's equity within acceptable risk. As a financial investor, we do not seek control over the invested enterprise. As a responsible investor, we strictly comply with the relevant laws and regulations of our country and the recipient country or region of investment, and actively fulfill our corporate social responsibility. Investment activities are driven by research and asset allocation, aiming to make prudent and prudent investment decisions and carry out investment activities in a rigorous and disciplined manner. The Company adheres to the concept of long-term investors and takes advantage of long-term investors' strong ability to bear the risk of short-term market fluctuations to obtain an illiquidity premium. It adheres to the concept of risk diversification and reduces portfolio volatility by diversifying its investments among various risk factors

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