We will search for relatively high-quality non-performing assets around the world, carry out mergers and acquisitions, and recombine and package them for listing, revitalize assets, and create value!
Odyssey’s non-performing asset acquisitions involve 14 sectors in four industries:
1) Agriculture: cigars, red wine, coffee, agarwood 2) Mining: jewelry, rare earths, precious metals 3) Tourism real estate: hotels, villas, homestays, apartments 4) Technology: AI intelligence, blockchain, distributed cloud storage
Non-performing assets do not mean invalid and useless. Among these non-performing assets, some enterprises with high-quality resources are unable to repay their debts because of temporary operating difficulties. If these enterprises can inject new, dynamic and high-quality assets through mergers and acquisitions, they may achieve transformation and upgrading and rejuvenate.
Odyssey makes full use of its accumulated customer resources and project resources in the non-performing asset business, as well as its high credit rating. Through in-depth investigation and research on the acquired companies, it adopts direct collection, public transfer, agreement transfer, and other methods for non-performing assets. Debt repayment, asset securitization, entrusted collection, cooperative collection and other methods of disposal, and through a series of restructuring arrangements such as adjusting repayment time, amount, repayment method and guarantee mortgage, etc., to solve the liquidity problems faced by enterprises , To realize the recovery of creditor's rights, so as to help enterprises realize comprehensive adjustments in various ways such as debt reduction, equity transfer, asset replacement, etc., effectively resolve the debt crisis of enterprises, and restore profitability. At the same time, in the process of asset restructuring, it also creates high returns and high returns for the investment partners of the platform that are much higher than the general market investment choices!
More than half of the company is made up of executives with more than 10 years of experience in the financial industry, who are not only well versed in traditional finance, but also in digital finance!
With professional knowledge, information, skills and experience as resources, we deeply grasp the development trend of capital market from the perspective of compliance, advancement and applicability, and provide the most accurate market analysis results and product portfolio system!

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